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          About Us
               Established in 2007,Changle Zhongtai Industry Co.,Ltd. is located in Changle City, Fuzhou, Fujian Province. At the initial stage of establishment, the company was mainly engaged in sale of steel metallurgical production raw materials such as ferro silicon75#/72#, silicomanganese, and steel scrap, won a good reputation in the industry and made efficient and stable achievements. Through several years of development and accumulation, the company is engaged in sale of high-quality foreign trade alloy steel series products such as ferro silicon75#/72#, ferro chrome, steel scrap , stainless steel plate, stainless steel coil , pipe and so on. at present. The products are mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Burma, and West African countries. Moreover, the company has established good cooperative relationships with Nippon Steel, Sumitomo Steel and Hyundai, and enjoys a high reputation.
          Being market information-oriented and customer demand-centered, the company adopts diversified market strategies, and continuously enriches sales products and high-quality service. At present, the company has a quite professional purchasing and sales team, sets up a ferroalloy product deep processing base, and establishes branches in Hong Kong and Indonesia, in an effort to meet customer demands and establish good and stable supply and sales channel.
          The company’s management tenet is “to provide high-quality products, reasonable market price and excellent after-sales service”. We are consistently committed to meeting and serving customer demands in market environment where opportunities and challenges coexist.
               We export ferro silicon in the top 3 in china 2017 .Zhongtai Industrial sincerely welcomes new and old customers to inquire products and exchange information. We promise that the quality and quantity of delivered products are detected by the independent third party to reduce your worries during purchasing. Hope that we realize win-win in good cooperative relationship.