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          Steel prices steel traders in the spring of Internet financial institutions to help advance


          "11" after the holiday, the steel spot, futures prices rose, which futures just over a month or more than 1,000 yuan per ton of cumulative increase in the production capacity, to inventory, infrastructure investment heating stimulation. And a quarter of the steel rose compared to the larger and more volatile market this time, a number of steeped steel city for many years the steel trade has not recovered.

          November 15, China Securities Journal reporter in East China's largest steel market - Shanghai Songjiang Steel City research found that business here than in late March when the reporter was a lot of fire, not only parking significantly increased the number of stores, "Iron General "Check the bleak scene was gone. Sales managers are busy dealing with business calls, the bosses are stopping by to exchange information. The face of the steel city to pick up, some traders in this business for many years, said the previous closure of the surrounding steel market, Songjiang Steel City is currently in saturation, is estimated to increase nearly a hundred traders last year, generally good profit. However, due to market changes too fast, some traders suffered "out of stock" of the dilemma, seeing the price rise, but can not get the goods.

          Steel market sentiment rose
          Nguyen is the Songjiang steel city of Fujian, a young man, is currently responsible for a steel power supplier in Shanghai Songjiang's office, after eighty-nine has been in the steel market to do the department manager.

          China Securities Journal reporter in late March this year in Songjiang Steel City research, a row of a row of stores, "Iron General" the door, but now rarely see a door locked the door. Not only that, some stores look brand-new, part of the door in the city of steel stores are being renovated. "This year the number of stores here, the transfer fee of speculation to 10 million." Zhang said that this year the steel city of the new presence of many small steel mills background traders, mostly from Fujian Changle, Fuzhou and other places.

          Earlier this year, many steel traders on the steel market skeptical, because at that time although the steel futures, spot prices up, but the actual transaction situation is poor. "At that time a lot of infrastructure projects have not started to April, some olfactory keen traders began to hoard goods." A Guangdong state-owned background of the steel trade practitioners said, "Spring Plumbing Duck Prophet" of these people found opportunities more Earlier, earn more.

          "Sometimes you do not want to store goods can be hoarded, the market changes too quickly, and sometimes a wave of market, many traders recovered to hoard goods, but in fact the stage of the market has come to an end. Practitioners explained that the end of April this year, the market at the end of the end, many traders began to hoard goods, the results hit the second quarter prices fall, the busy season is not busy, so the continuity of the market turn for the better cast doubt. However, the third quarter of the steel market showed a rally, after a brief decline in September, after October, November and rapid rise.

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