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            • This week market forecast: subject to the high price of manganese ore and tariff increases, some manufacturers started limited production fell slightly, the overall demand for silicomanganese to maintain stability. Cost, the manganese ore is more strong, and into November, the North and South areas have increased electricity. On the whole, the short-term silicon-manganese will still run strong, but the general spot price of the current ferrosilicon futures,Details>>

            • "11" after the holiday, the steel spot, futures prices rose, which futures just over a month or more than 1,000 yuan per ton of cumulative increase in the production capacity, to inventory, infrastructure investment heating stimulation. And a quarter of the steel rose compared to the larger and more volatile market this time, a number of steeped steel city for many years the steel trade has not recovered.Details>>

            • The UAE Ministry of Economy on Monday (11.23) said Gulf countries are now considering lifting tariffs on imports of steel, aimed at protecting fair competition in the Gulf market.
              Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and other Gulf countries are considering raising tariffs to protect the interests of domestic steel prices from imports of low-cost damage.Details>>

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